Starring comedic duo Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, “The Internship” is a hilarious tale about two guys at the peak of their powers of salesmanship, who dare to dream against all odds.  They turn sales into an art form, and must now work that magic in a high-tech universe.


                In this new world order, Billy and Nick learn that if you want a place at the table, then you have to work harder, reinvent yourself, and develop new skills at the speed of fiber optics transmissions.  Ignoring the naysayers and following their gut, Billy and Nick turn Google on its head by bringing their game to this center of the digital universe.


                “I think the comedy in this movie comes out of relatable situations,” Vaughn adds.   “There’s authenticity to Billy and Nick’s journey, in that they initially go through some tough things, which is happening to a lot of people.”  Director and producer Shawn Levy echoes Vaughn’s observations on the relatability of the film’s premise.  “I think this movie is astonishingly relevant,” states Levy.  “There is a generation that feels it must reinvent itself. So how do you do that in order to write a next chapter?”


One way of reinventing yourself is to pursue non-traditional career paths. Job seekers and employers are increasingly embracing “returnships” – return-to-work programs and internships for older professionals.  So, in some ways, Billy and Nick are part of a “Returnship.”  They are refreshing – and reapplying—their skill sets and learning new technologies, to rocket themselves back into the workplace in a big, big way.



The movie is an uplifting story with humor and idealism.  “The optimism that comes from the film’s message is that maybe there’s something each generation can learn from the other.  It’s a huge part of why the film is not just funny, but also timely, aspirational and hopeful,” says Vaughn.



                Vaughn’s Billy McMahon is high-energy, razor-sharp, and verbally-dexterous.  When he loses the only vocation he has ever known, Billy searches the online job listings and inadvertently discovers the solution to his career conundrum –Google. “Billy gets an idea, that Google’s a place where there are a lot of possibilities; it feels like a phenomenal place to work, where there are nap pods, Ping-Pong, volleyball courts and lots of places to eat – for free,” states Vaughn.


                With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Billy “takes a swing for something that’s far reaching or far out, but also seems like an exciting place to work,” says Vaughn.  “Billy and Nick wonder, why not take a chance at the best place to work that is filled with the most opportunities?”  Billy and Nick choose wisely.  In January 2013, Fortune magazine declared Google the best place to work, for the third time since 2007.  Google has maintained a longstanding reputation as a cool, fun and magical place to work.  Its employees love the company’s culture, mission statement and perks.  “For Billy and Nick, going to Google is like entering into the chocolate factory or traveling to Oz,” Vaughn says.

                Instead of using their masterful salesmanship for personal gain, Billy and Nick use it as a way to unify the team, and more importantly, as a means to thrive at Google.  “What our characters bring is that ability, as salesmen, to connect with people,” says Wilson.  “And, do it in a genuine way.”  As underdogs in the competition, the team faces an uphill climb, but nothing that a little guts, grit and Googliness can’t handle.  “Googliness is a willingness to take chances, roll the dice, think outside the box, and be open to inspiration,” says Wilson.  “It’s a quality that everyone aspires to.”

               the internship


“The Internship” lifts the curtain on Google’s innovative wizardry, offering a rare glimpse into its dynamic, trailblazing and high-tech culture.  “When I visited Google, that’s when the project got exciting,” recalls Levy.  “It’s a tech company but every day they commit themselves to trying to make the world a better place.  There is a genuine altruism to its culture that is inspiring, and I wanted to depict that.”

 tobitraphael wilson vaughn o'brien joshbrenner tiyasircar THE INTERNSHIP


“The Internship” opens August 14 in theaters from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.




LOGAN LERMAN in PercyJackson SeaofMonsters


“Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” emerged on high seas when it docked no. 1 in the Phils.’ box-office arena on its opening weekend (August 7-11) with a total of P 78.2 million nationwide in almost 200 screens (in 2D and 3D) nationwide.


The opening weekend figure nails “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” as  the Second Biggest Opening Weekend for a Fox film to open this year, next to the recently released blockbuster “The Wolverine.” Among all other foreign films and one local film playing on the same week, “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” grabbed the greater chunk of the overall market share at 51%.  Reaching a broader market base this time, the latest “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters'” box-office sees a 126% increase over the previously released “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief” movie.



In addition to the latest wave of adventure and spectacular visual effects seen in the movie, its strong opening is also attributed to a solid throng of followers of the book series (authored by Rick Riordan) where the movie is based and to the unstoppable growth of Logan Lerman’s popularity locally.


The movie’s opening weekend admissions also totaled to a splashy catch of 443,702 nationwide from all screens where SM Mall of Asia took the lead with a box-office gross P 3.8 million, followed by SM North Edsa with P 3.45 million.  Trinoma tightly followed at 3rd spot with P3.41 million, SM Megamall is at 4th with P2.4 million and Greenbelt3 sums up as top 5th cinema earner with P 2.174 million.


Completing the top cinema earners of “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” are Newport (P 2.170M); Glorietta4 (P 2.12M); Alabang Town Center (P2.04M); TheatreMall (P 1.81M); SM Cebu (P1.749M); Gateway Cineplex/AliMall (P1.746M); Powerplant (P 1.59M); Eastwood (P 1.6M); Shang Cineplex (P 1.33M); Ayala Cebu (P1.3M); Gaisano Davao (P1.2M); Market!Market! (P1.175M); SM Southmall (P1.16); SM Baguio (P1.1M) and SM Fairview (P1.08M).


douglassmith brandonjackson alexandradaddario loganlerman

                Based on the book by Rick Riordan, the film casts Lerman as a high school teen who discovers that his father is Greek God of the Sea, Poseidon. Indoctrinated into a world of gods, demi-gods and lords of the underworld, Percy’s quest turned Lerman into a star. Produced by Chris Columbus and directed by Thor Freudenthal, Logan Lerman returns in “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” with returning cast members Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson, as well as new faces Leven Rambin and Douglas Smith, Lerman’s Percy must set out on a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece of legend, so as to restore safety to his home and school, Camp Half Blood.


“Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” is still showing nationwide from 20th Century Fox distributed by Warner Bros.






George Clooney;Matt Damon;Hugh Bonneville

                A whole lot of art loot is at stake in the action-thriller “The Monuments Men” produced, directed and starred by George Clooney along with an all-star, high-caliber cast including Cate  Blanchett, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman and Jean Dujardin.


George Clooney;Matt Damon

Based on the non-fiction tome by Robert Edsel, “The Monuments Men” takes us back to World War II when Western Allies protect heritage sites at risk during the war and recover art treasures from the Nazis.


George Clooney;Matt Damon;Bill Murray;Bob Balaban;John Goodman

Clooney who also produced the Oscar-winner “Argo” collaborates with writer/producer Grant Heslov in “The Monuments Men” to film an untold chapter during WWII when a group of men and women from different countries recovered thousands of stolen artworks perpetrated during the war.  The task began with a small group of determined art professionals drafted for war – architects, designers and museum staff who will identify and protect museums, churches and other significant “monuments” from damage.  As the Allies pressed farther into occupied territory, the team had to determine what had been stolen and where it was hidden.


George Clooney;Matt Damon;John Goodman;Bob Balaban

An impossible mission with an unlikely set of platoon trapped within enemy lines, “The Monuments Men” found themselves in a race against time to avoid the destruction of 1000 years of culture and risk their lives to protect and defend mankind’s greatest achievements.


Matt Damon;Cate Blanchett


“The Monuments Men” will soon screen in local cinemas (January 2014) from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.




the internship

The world over have seen the airfield battle to capture the golden snitch in one of the most phenomenal recently wrapped-up teen-wizard movie “Harry Potter.”  In another universe called Google campus where great thinkers converge to create something new featured in the movie “The Internship,” they have found a way to reinvent the game of quidditch on ground.

Starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, “The Internship” finds Nick (Owen Wilson) and his partner Billy (Vince Vaughn), as two newly unemployed watch salesman trying to find employment with a limited skill-set in a world that appears to have passed them by.

Tobit Rafael

“As salesmen they are incredibly good at what they do,” says director Shawn Levy, “but the whole profession of selling in person, in an age where most people are increasingly buying their goods on the Internet, is on the wane. So they are downsized, suddenly unemployed, and Vince’s character comes up with this idea of applying for an internship at Google, a company that represents the vanguard of the new economy. It’s a long shot, but this possibility of self-reinvention is exciting to Billy and Nick and they take their shot.”

It required a certain amount of Googliness on the part of Levy and production designer Tom Meyer to reimagine a world where innovation intersects with fun and purpose.  “We scouted Google a number of times.  It’s quirky, idyllic, strange, and very specific,” says Levy.  “But, it was clear to us that there’s no way the production could shoot at Google for an entire month and a half, because they’re an ongoing business.  So we needed to find a way to replicate Google in Atlanta, which I initially thought would be impossible.”


But infrastructure alone does not a Google campus make. “When you go to Google, the most important thing that you take away from it is its non-traditional aspect and out of the box thinking,” says Meyer.  “Google reps said to me when I was trying to recreate it, ‘Do it, but keep the spirit of what Google is about.’”

“For each one of the sets we did a photo-real illustration, or a model, or both, then sent it off to Google, and had conversations back and forth,” adds Meyer.  “I tried to capture that feeling that you take away when you’re an employee or visitor there.  There’s a huge sense of playfulness.  And the idea of a healthy body and mind is central to Google.”


“This isn’t Owen and Vince being interns at Corporate Office Number 5.  This is Google; this is Oz,” adds Meyer.  “So, the film starts off in the first act at a normal, almost retro-office environment, which we call Kansas [as in the “Wizard of Oz” setting], our black and white atmosphere.  And then, when you go to Google, you hit those primary colors, the clean glass, white walls, and wacky, crazy objects, which provided a real sense of a pop and wonder.’”

Ultimately, “The Internship’s  Googliness is that it’s not just about life at Google.  “It’s about every one of us who’d like to believe that another shot is possible,that another kind of chapter in the story of you is possible,” says Levy.  “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t relate to that; whether you’re 16, 22, or 40, we all want to believe that we can change our lives – that it’s never too late.  And so, the movie is really about possibility.”

Preparing for quidditch THE INTERNSHIP

In other words, we must dare to search.  Billy and Nick remind us that the best is yet to come, and that old dogs are capable of learning new tricks.  With guts, grit and Googliness, everyone has a chance.  So, dream big, dream again, dream some more.  Because the world loves second acts.

Max Minghella

trailer link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLAiQ_kiPf8&list=PLcZs6n5iZPx8sLDZNgZyEDrrY0DgIKAP-

                “The Internship” opens August 14 in theaters from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

The Kick-Ass Aaron Taylor-Johnson is back in ‘Kick-Ass 2’




By the end of the sequel, Kick-Ass has to become the action hero we knew he was from day one.  For this chapter, Taylor-Johnson once again showed great dedication in getting into serious shape.  Indeed, he worked out religiously and maintained an appropriately strict diet throughout production.

Jeff Wadlow appreciated how Taylor-Johnson looked at the production as a whole and did not simply focus on his own appearance.  Sums the director: “Aaron was figuring out when we were going to shoot those scenes so that he would look how he needed to, and it would be a contrast to the way he looked in the beginning of the film.  It was so impressive because, again, he was always thinking about the story; he wasn’t thinking about how he looked on screen.  He was thinking, ‘How can I serve this story and help the audience understand this journey?’”




Since there’s been talk of it again, will there finally be a Kick-Ass sequel?


It’s pretty much set to go, this Fall.  I think now Chloe [Grace Moretz] and Chris [Mintz-Plasse] are on board.  I’m certainly set up to do it.  Jeff Wadlow is to direct.  Yeah, I think it’s going to happen.



Have you gotten to see a script yet?

Yeah, I have.


Will it be a hard R, as far as the rating goes?

Oh, yeah!  It keeps the standard, from the first film.




Are you surprised at how much people have been asking for a sequel to that film, really since the release of the first one?


Yeah, and I think that’s why Matthew Vaughn has got his name all over this one, as well.  The only way he was ever going to make a sequel was if it could be anywhere close to the first one, and keep that class and that quality, and just maintain something original and new and refreshing.  And this script delivers all of that, right now.  I’m excited to get back in the suit.



Have you heard the recent talk about American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis vying on Twitter to do the screenplay adaptation for 50 Shades of Grey, and that he said he’d love to have a real actor, like you or Ryan Gosling for the male lead, with someone like David Cronenberg directing? Is it surreal to know that you have a certain level of visibility now that someone like Bret Easton Ellis respects your work and is thinking about you in that role?


You can only be very grateful.  It’s great when talented people in the world, in the same business, can see your work and compliment you on what you’re doing and take a strong interest in the movements in your career.  It is very great to see that.  At least it keeps the studio heads thinking, as well.  Maybe it makes you a bit more bankable.  I don’t know.



“Kick-Ass 2” is released and distributed by United International Pictures

through Solar Entertainment Corporation.


Showing on August 14 nationwide!


Steven Seagal stars “Maximum Conviction”


Steven Seagal is  promoting his latest action film, Maximum Conviction, where he stars along with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as ex-Black Ops agents defending a secret government prison from a small army of mercenaries, led by Michael Pare, trying to extract one of the inmates against their will. Maximum Conviction is one Seagal’s better action films in recent years,

You haven’t done too many team ups with other action stars before Maximum Conviction. I was wondering how this came together.


Well, somebody said just take a look at this script, and this story, and I liked it. They said Steve [Austin] wants to do it, and I met him and liked him, and thought that we could be a good kind of team together. That’s sort of how it turned out. We had good chemistry together, and I thought it worked out great.
Had other opportunities to work in similar team up projects arrived at your doorstep before this?



You know, they did offer me Expendables and stuff like this. I’m sure that there have been offers in the past, and some I would make and some I wouldn’t make.
In this film, Tom Steele doesn’t put a lot of faith in the government, and I’ve noticed that that’s a recurring theme in a lot of your movies. Are you still passionate about that? Is that an issue for you.




I have faith in the military, you know I have faith in special forces, I have faith in our police departments, but it depends on… You say, “the government.” It depends on what the regime is, who’s in power at the time.
You’ve done so many action movies of so many different stripes. Do you have any favorite action sequences or fight scenes from any of your films that you feel is you at your best?

Gosh, it’s probably a few. I did like the action [in] Marked for Death, some of the sequences in that. Then in Out for Justice, the bar scene. Those are the scenes that pop to mind right now.



What makes a good action sequence in your eyes?

Well to me it’s something that’s realistic, that is not contrived, and is not kind of p*ssy, and something that people haven’t seen over and over again, you know?

You haven’t directed a film since Fire Down Below. What would it take to get you back in the director’s chair again? Or have you lost interest?

No, I haven’t been directing, and what would it take? […] If I had a great story and an offer to direct it, I would direct it.


“Maximum Conviction” is showing on August 14. Nationwide!!!

Released and Distributed by CrystalSky Multimedia.











the internship

                 Both trying to catch up with the digital world, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn did not look far for reference in the tech-comedy “The Internship.” Instead, admittedly they drew from their own experience how it’s like to swim in the digital age.


“This was not a difficult role to prepare for.  I don’t know that much about computers, only in the past few years, I discovered how to work the internet,” says Wilson.  “And Vince had to be one of the last people in the world to get a cell phone, so he might be even further behind than me.We’re both trying to catch up with the digital world.”




Confronted with that world’s lightning-fast pace, Billy and Nick must somehow excel at Google amidst an army of today’s breed of geeks and super-achievers.


Up and coming young star Dylan O’Brien portrays Stuart, a Noogler who is too cool for school.  “Stuart is the cynical one,” says O’Brien, who recently landed the central role in 20th Century Fox’s thriller “The Maze Runner.” “He doesn’t want anything to do with the life around him. At the beginning, he is very much only involved in his technology,” says O’Brien. “Bill and Nick teach Stuart to live amongst the world and everyone around him.”



One Noogler with a keen disinterest in Billy and Nick (apart from his quest to humiliate them) is Graham.  Everyone loves a juicy antagonist, and Graham is as opportunistic, if not downright mean, as they get. “He is the kid in class who is the know-it-all,” says Wilson. “Graham is the evil intern who is trying to sabotage their plans,” says Max Minghella, who portrays Graham.


Holding her own against Graham, as well as her own teammates, Neha Patel, played by Tiya Sircar, is a closeted nice girl with a deceptive naughty streak.  “Neha tends to say things that make people raise their eyebrows,” explains Sircar.  “She says some pretty crazy things, but it’s all talk.  Neha is actually a good, studious girl.” Like her counterparts, Neha, is displeased when the team is saddled with the technologically inept salesmen.  “The younger members of the team feel like they are working with two dead weights,” she points out.




Another teammate of Nick and Billy’s is Yo-Yo Santos, played by (Fil-Am) Tobit Raphael in his film debut.  Yo-Yo is an anxiety-riddled perfectionist and a dutiful son. “He has a very oppressive Asian mother who wants him to succeed and wants him to have that perfect job,” says Raphael. “And he takes out a lot of it on himself.” Through Yo-Yo’s relationship with Billy and Nick, he conquers his inner demons to emerge as a confident young man.


The filmmakers selected the young actors who would reflect the generational divide, embody the Google personae, and possess a comedic constitution that complements Vaughn’s and Wilson’s improvisational dexterity.




“The Internship” is also about these two generations melding and the culture of Google.  We wanted a supporting cast that adds strength to the duo at the center,”says Vaughn.


Take a peek into the world of Google when “THE INTERNSHIP” opens August 14 in theaters from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

dylan obrien_TEH INTERNSHIP



Check out the Nooglers video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmB-BvwdvTk&list=PLcZs6n5iZPx8sLDZNgZyEDrrY0DgIKAP-